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Let the kids play. 

Wildlings Children's Apparel was born from the idea that kids can have durable, robust clothing, all while being made from ethically sourced material. 

As an avid adventurer and creating a little explorer in her son, Marigna Bright-Strasser wanted to create the ideal children’s clothing while sourcing it ethically to protect the very nature she loved so much. As an animal lover, cherishing her two horses, two donkeys, and her son’s pony, Marigna wanted to incorporate this adoration into her designs. 


The materials we use are bamboo mix or organic cotton. Every design is methodically chosen to represent your Wildlings. 

You’ve heard of organic cotton, but why is it better than cotton? Besides the fact that it’s grown without the use of harmful chemicals, farmers utilize rain instead of irrigation, using far less water than standard cotton. 

You’ve heard of bamboo material, but why is it better? It takes little water to replenish growth, and there is no need for fertilizer or pesticides to help it grow or protect it. 

These reasons and more are why Wildings uses this material in every piece of clothing. Nature and everything living in it is essential to our company, and these considerations will be at the forefront of our decision-making. 

Life is an adventure.



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